A beautiful day filled with fashion, beauty and creativity marked the first Lifestyle Check In held yesterday at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Split

“I am happy that we managed to bring business and diplomacy to Split, to give the opportunity to Croatian and foreign companies to work together. We managed to organize a wonderful evening with our partners that celebrates the concept of beautiful living which was our goal and I hope that such lifestyle events will bring added value to the city of Split. “- said Monica Ioanitescu after last night’s fashion show concluding the first Lifestyle Check In. “I thank our exhibitors and visitors and all the participants, make-up artists, hairdressers, lecturers, educators, models who did a top job and adhered to all epidemiological measures without discussion, gave us a day to remember.” – she added.

Lifestyle Check In is a series of events that connects local entrepreneurs with those from the host country, and the first among them was Austria. The focus is on entrepreneurs whose products and services nurture a philosophy of comfortable living such as fashion and fashion accessories, cosmetics, home decorating, car and nautical industry and technology. The lobby of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa hotel shone with fantastic exhibits by Austrian artists Mercedes and Franziska Welta behind the NONOS art & design brand .Many women from Split got acquainted with the feminine creations of Dali Oleschko yesterday, having the opportunity to talk to the designer and order the desired model of the dress. Silvia Lindner, an Austrian consultant whose business goal is to show her clients how to become aware of their individual value to customers, was a sought-after interlocutor among entrepreneurs as well as colleague Andrei Voiculescu from AVB Consulting, a successful company with a Split address.

There is a special interest in bags for ladies, so the women from Split did not miss seeing the new models of the famous “MyLovelyBag” bags as well as the unique examples of the “La Koffa” brand. Behind this brand is Ivana Resić Šore, an academic painter by profession, interior designer, designer of jewelry and Sicilian bags by vocation. Otherwise coffa is the name for Sicilian baskets that are part of their rural tradition and have been used in the past to transport materials. From a working tool, la coffaover time, it became a fashion status symbol, transforming into a decorated, original women’s bag that fit perfectly into the women’s clothing collection of Šime Kovačević. Last night’s fashion show brand “No7 by Šime Kovačević” was opened with colorful men’s and women’s suits and dresses, and there were a number of unique suits for men and feminine, authentic dresses. This was followed by a fashion show of Dali Oleschko Couture dresses, recognized in the Austrian market for their timeless style, excellent cuts and high-quality materials. Alex Vukušić is responsible for the excellent make-up of the models they wore, and the elegant hairstyles were the work of Keune brand experts.

Dr. Kaliterna’s lecture with the MySkin brand was very well attended, and the especially positive atmosphere throughout the day on the hotel terrace was in the so-called men’s corner organized by Mareva Cigar Club where all exhibitors and visitors gathered at the end of the event to make a toast together successfully held the first in a series of Lifestyle Check In events. Three more are planned when Dalmatia will host entrepreneurs from Romania, Italy and Slovenia.

Yesterday, all participants in this event, as well as the Split audience, proved that we should not focus on the concept of ‘new normal’ and what we can not, but integrate new habits into our lives and business to save ourselves and others and enjoy the concept of beautiful living. .

The event is supported by the association “10. life ”which deals with the welfare and protection of cats. Organized with the support of sponsors, Romanian brand “VeroSlim” and partners “Yacht Escape” and “Split transfers voyage”.

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